Who’s leading your Digital Transformation and who is landing you right in it?

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You Are Here:Who’s leading your Digital Transformation and who is landing you right in it?

You know where everyone's head is at in your organisation with regard to digital transformation right? Those that have your back, those that really want to do it and those that know their stuff?

Who are the wolves in your digital transformation ambitions?
The problem with Digital Transformation is that everyone says they're up for it and it's very hard to spot those that actually aren't.

Naturally I am going to make a point here, so I have an analogy for you. I heard this joke online recently and immediately thought, sounds like work and digital transformation…

Here goes, bear with me:

A German officer was walking to work in occupied France on a cold winter morning – work, really? Anyway, he came across a small bird that was freezing, sat on the floor, alive, but unconscious.

He picked it up and cradled it in his warm hands and blew warm air on to it – it’s eyes opened.

Nearby a freshly laid cow pat sat steaming – he pushed the little bird into it and left it there and continued on his way.

The warm pat had the effect of completely reviving the bird – whom came back to full health very quickly, and then started to sing.

A hungry lone wolf was patrolling the nearby wood and heard the little bird singing, he followed the sound, found the bird and gobbled it up whole.

There are three morals to this story and each lend themselves well to your Digital Transformation strategy.

1. The person that puts you in the shit isn’t always your enemy.

2. The person that pulls you out of the shit isn’t always your friend.

3. And finally, most importantly, when you find yourself in the shit - keep your big mouth shut. 

Here comes the analogy, just in case you haven’t worked it out:

ONE – There will be some superb people in your organisation that may not yet have the skills to deliver your Digital Transformation, they really want to and are genuinely up for the challenge. It’s likely that they are too scared to admit they don’t have those skills yet, they shouldn’t, but you know people – and that can be a problem. These will be the guys that you can rely on though, with the right support framework, just don’t leave it too late.

The person that drops you in it might not be your enemy digital transformation
Beware the digital transformation wolves

TWO – Some people, especially the wolves, will always tell you what you want to hear, they’ll make sure that they use the right vernacular and are seemingly well up for it. Yet they are lying through their teeth, behind your back they’re disrupting their colleagues and taking credit for other peoples work. Slowing things right down for their own personal gain. You’ll spot them eventually – as they won’t deliver, just hope it’s not too late.

THREE – If you are being disrupted by things outside of your control, shut up whining about it and get on with it – sooner rather than later. This is all on you, develop a vision, a strategy to deliver it and create clear and inclusive digital plans for your people to follow. Complaining about it will only get you gobbled up.

Digital Transformation requires strong leadership

Analogy over. Funny joke though.

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