9th November 2018

What the Digital Transformation Project can do for your organisation

The Digital Transformation Project focuses on helping businesses develop and deliver a self-determinable, self-sustainable and digitally empowered operation.

Digital Transformation Project Marketing Lightbulb
Targeted Marketing Technology

Is your marketing targeting the right prospects…and retaining them? Are you using the full range of tools available? Are you doubling up and wasting effort? How are you using data to power your marketing? Are you capturing every single sales opportunity? We’re digital marketing experts from tech, content, SEO, programmatic…


Are you transacting with your customers and prospective customers in the way you want? Are your competitors doing it better? What do you consider a transaction to be – a sale, an enquiry, a question or managing an order?

Digital Transformation Project Transactions
The Customer Transaction
Data - Data - Data

What data repositories do you have, what do they hold, how do you store them, are they compliant, how do they talk to each other to power an increase in revenue, new business or market share?


How engaged and skilled are your people – where is your hidden talent….or the blockers? How will you train them to take the business forward? Do you NEED to recruit or can you develop and evolve your existing team? In a multi-functional environment, is everyone working toward the same goal?

Digital Transformation Project Workforce Evolution
Transformation through People
Digital Transformation Project Technology
Technology Innovation

What technology do you have, want or need? How do you go about acquiring, creating or deploying it? How does it integrate into the business and how might it add risk to your current workflows or competitiveness? Are your staff ready to adapt?


What’s the plan? Are you being disrupted, can you become the disruptor, should you? How will you innovate to drive sustainable transformation or evolution? What is the actual plan?

Digital Strategy


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