7th December 2018

pressXchange.com – digital innovation drives ambition

pressXchange.com was a business that I acquired on behalf of Haymarket Media Group to compliment a portfolio of B2B magazines and websites.

As a pure play digital business, pressXchange.com had already built a strong digital legacy, especially under the guidance of its founder, John Roadnight, whom himself came from the used printing machinery trading sector. Interestingly, and this happens frequently, the skills and knowledge held in a particular sector, maybe your own, make it more likely that you can turn innovation into success.

In pressXchange.com’s case, it changed the market, massively disrupting it whilst making lives significantly easier for the end user and customers. It built a self perpetuating ecosystem, driven by a unique value exchange in the marketplace.

Following acquisition, the trick wasn’t how do I improve the business, but integrating it into a wider portfolio of legacy brands.

The technology was ageing, the market, driven by this brand, started to evolve more platforms like pressXchange.com and I had an ambition through the global reach of this brand to expand Haymarket’s portfolio further overseas.

I undertook a multi-lingual, SEO centric re-build accompanied with a new global growth strategy. This allowed me to introduce Haymarket’s relevant magazine and website portfolio to new markets, even managing to break the US and acquire new brands.

Working across a multi-functional and multi-national portfolio was the only was to guarantee growth, regardless how good the tech is.

Gradually the industry manufacturing giants of new equipment started to invite us into their marketing strategies, making Haymarket core to their marketing, communication and event planning.

Revenues grew to record levels, margins improved considerably and pressXchange.com, once looked upon by global brands as a grubby used machinery website was seen a as driver of global buying data and insight.

I appreciate that we acquired rather than built our own, which was a consideration, either way it was only disruptive innovation that could further the ambition of the wider organisation at the pace required.

Wayne Morgan, founder of the Digital Transformation Project went on to become a Non-Executive Director for pressXchange.com