9th November 2018

Digital Transformation Project Case Studies

Here are some examples of the types of work and approach taken by the Wayne Morgan, Founder of the Digital Transformation Project:

Using digital innovation to drive growth across an organisation

pressXchange.com is a global leading digital platform operating in a manufacturing and industrial environment. The market is not a sophisticated marcoms sector – familiar with data driven targeted marketing. pressXchange.com cuts through that and provides a leading service unrivalled by any other media.

In a sector that has a depth of legacy businesses, pressXchange.com has disrupted to become materially relevant, irreversibly changing how this market does business. See how it innovated and became critical to the strategic goals of larger organisations.

Archant's leading county magazine portfolio undertook digital transformation
Archant’s leading county magazine portfolio undertook digital transformation.

Digital Transformation of a market leading portfolio of magazines.

“I was proud to spend 6 years working at Archant on some amazing products with some amazing people” Wayne Morgan, Digital Transformation Project

One of the most exciting projects was taking a large, leading portfolio of glossy regional magazines on a successful and eyeopening digital transformation journey.

How charities are embracing digital transformation to drive volunteers, donations and education´╗┐

Digital Transformation is everywhere, at all levels. Global corporations down to local charities looking to use all the tool available to support local people that need help.

The Foodbank is getting busier, people in crisis are going hungry (in the UK) in today’s increasingly demanding world. Each Foodbank runs independently and our local one wasn’t using all the tools – so we set them up. Take a look, it’s become powerful, but still requires care.